Sea Power Logistics’ mission statement is to serve our customers by providing unparalleled service, with guaranteed satisfaction. Contribute solutions to shipping needs with creative, cost-effective practices.

To engage in good corporate citizenship and maintain the highest ethical and moral standards, while treating our clients, suppliers, and employees with fairness, dignity, and respect.


Sea Power Logistics Inc. is a burgeoning company with a specialization on Any Flatbed Shipments, Dry Freight, Produce and All with Order/Shipment Special Tracking. The services provided are accommodating and reinforced by the 24/7 live dispatch available at all times. We treat all quotes with our best resources, giving every customer the best available shipment options to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

We aim to create the best possible experience for our consumers and partners alike, presenting professionalism in hand with enthusiasm and dedication, We plan to create bright new business relations world-wide.

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